Contact Details

Principal: Mrs R van Blerk

Postal Address:
P O Box 359

South Africa
Physical Address:
Elsmere Road
South Africa

E-Mail Address:

+27 (0)53 832 1275

+27 (0)53 832 9557

School GPS coordinates:
28o 44'52''24o 46'42''E 

Hostel GPS coordinates:
28o 44'43''24o 46'49''E

Attendance at School

  • If a girl is absent from school, a telephone call should be made to the school by 08:00 on the first morning of her absence.  Any girl absent from school may not participate in co-curricular activities/performances on that day.
  • For any period of absence she should bring a letter to her register teacher, confirming the initial telephone call.
  • A medical certificate/clinic letter is required for a period of more than 3 days.
  • Should a pupil's school attendace be unsatisfactory, a medical certificate/clinic letter may be required for all further absenteeism.
  • Absence during examinations/standardised tests ALWAYS requires a meical certificate/letter from the clinic/death certificate or letter from accredited organization (person) validating the absence.  The onus is on the learner to provide the documentation to the relevantteacher/s upon her return.
  • Parents are asked to avoid making appointments (doctor, dentist, driver's licence) during school hours.  Prior arrangements must be made by the parents for late arrival or early departure.  Should there be an occasion that a appointment is made in the morning, parents must fetch their daughter from school.  No girls are allowed to be seen walking around in school uniform during the school day.
  • If a girl is sick during the morning she should ask her teacher for a note at the beginning of the period and then go to her respective Grade Head and then to the school secretary, who will telephone a parent to feth her.  Boarders must go to the hostel superintendant with a note.  Firls may not phone parents themselves.
  • Girls fetched by parents during the school day must be signed out at reception.
  • The secretary will not administer medicine to the girls.