Contact Details

Principal: Mrs R van Blerk

Postal Address:
P O Box 359

South Africa
Physical Address:
Elsmere Road
South Africa

E-Mail Address:

+27 (0)53 832 1275

+27 (0)53 832 9557

School GPS coordinates:
28o 44'52''24o 46'42''E 

Hostel GPS coordinates:
28o 44'43''24o 46'49''E

Promotion Grade 8 - 9

(subject to Departmental regulations)

A learner will be promoted only if she has satisfied the achievement requirements in eight (8) of the subjects, provided the SBA component of the ninth subject has been completed.  These are as follows:

  • Home Language (English) -Adequate Achievement Level 4 (50-59%)
  • First Additional Language (Afrikaans/Setswana) - Moderate Achievement Level 3 (40-49%)
  • Mathematics - Moderate Achievement Level 3 (40-49%)
  • Any three other subjects - Moderate Achievement Level 3 (40-49%)
  • Any two of the other subjects - at least Elementary Achievement Level 2 (30-39%)
  • Immigrants may be exempted from achieving one official language provided they obtain at least an Elementary Achievement Level 2 (30-39%) in three other subjects.



School-Based Assessment (SBA) is a compulsory component of the promotion mark.  The SBA component is 40% during the year, and the final exam component is 60% of the promotion mark.